The Divine Performance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Maestro

The silhouette of the female ballerina has always been extremely erotic and sensual. The extreme balance, the finesse and precision of female physique, and the low scoop necked leotard. I feel that it shows off the female figure with the utmost amount of grace that any form of dance. I can see this as a film: an open empty auditorium where a lone ballerina begins her routine to a slow beautiful piano concerto. As she progresses, her mp3 player has a low battery, at which she cannot perform any longer. Before this, a lone male has wandered in off the street, to escape the rain, and begins to watch the ballerina. As the mp3 player dies, she is frustrated, but in an act of kindness, the man goes onto the stage and dust off an old upright piano that lays dormant off the edge of the stage. He doesn't know the complicated concerto, but he begins to play a beautifully simplistic piece that exudes emotion as she begins to dance once again. Slowly, her hair falls out of her bun, her ballet shoes come undone, and in one giant moment of music driven passion, she gets close the man on piano, and they begin make love in the center of the stage, which becomes her most divine performance of all.