The Cottage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dr.Strangelove54

I am at a birthday party in a cottage. My friend and his wife are very open minded. Late in the evening I had to go to the loo. I forgot to shut the door. While sitting on the toilet bowl, beginig to pee, the door opened suddenly and my friend´s wife entered the room. Shut the door, saw me and said: "Sorry! Emercency!". Then she pulled her skirt up, pulled her thong down and sat on my legs in front of me. Then she began to pee. Her warm urine flow over my dick. When she ended, I said: " Wow. Now I´ve got an emergency!" She look down on my swollen dick and whispered in my ear: " I can solve this!" She stood up and she licked my dick until...

After that we both went to the party again. Nobody noticed our pleasure.