The constant (erect) gardner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123moondog

I work for a gardening company. We do everything from mowing grass to complete landscaping. But we do it all with a twist... We are willing to provide " extra" services to our clients! We have a workforce of men and women between 25 and 50, all more than willing to go the extra mile! This is one of our unique selling points!

Imagine this luxurious mansion, with the lady of the manor supervising. She really gets heated up by the look of those two sturdy, hot gardeners, working half naked under the scorching sun. Then she decides to give them time to cool off... with her! She slowly touches their sweated-up torso's , and allows them to touch her everywhere! Soon both men rip off her flimsy summer dress, and lick and suck her everywhere possible! She falls on her knees in front of them and helps them out of their suddenly too tight jeans... Two humongous cocks suddenly dangle in front of her, with heavy balls, wanting to be caressed and squeezed by her. And so she does! With growing pleasure she works them, until they are wet from her saliva. Suddenly she orders one of them to sit on a garden bench, and straddles herself on him. She rides him for a while, while sucking and jerking the other guy. She's got plans for this one too! With a small nod she orders him to open up her back door with his well-wetted piece. He happily obliges to his new task, and ploughs in deep in her with a forceful thrust. Totally filled up, she cheers both studs on to do her as hard as possible, until they orgasm deep in her, spilling their juices in both her sphincter and pussy. When they pull out, their juices leak out of her on the expensive teak wood of the bench... She rubs it all out over her pussy and butt, masturbating to her own grande finale!

When finished, she coolly orders both men to get dressed and continue work where they stopped. The break is over, back to work, lads!