The cat and the mouse

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Whichwild

One of my most favored memories... I have quite a when some one I cherished very much came into my place of work. It's a small place. Just me and one more person. While my co-worker was in the back doing whatever it was she was doing, I told my special friend to wash his hands in our bathroom... As he walked to the restroom I could feel his warmth. It was also like I could feel his heart pounding... at that moment I knew he wanted me so badly. I followed him into the restroom, door wide open for all to see. I didn't care! We embraced each other. Squeezing each other close. Our blood flowing and our hearts racing. I looked up at him and he pulled my mouth to his... the deepest most passionate kiss... I never wanted it to end. After that it was a game of cat and mouse. His excitement trying to capture me as I set us apart with the front counter... he leaned in and grabbed me one more time. Stretching my torso across the counter, I let out a slight moan and let him have my soul one more time. Oh, how I never wanted it to end.