The Cable Repairman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TimHawaii

As a T.V. cable repairman, I visit many homes with housewives. Here's what happened last Friday.
It was my first call of the day, my 8:30 service call. I pulled into the driveway of a nice ranch home and rung the doorbell.
As I remove my shoes, I'm looking down, the door opens and the first thing I see is cute painted toes nails. As my eyes move up I see legs, a yellow sundress, long red locks and big brown eyes. "Mrs. Davis?" I asked. "Yes" she replied, "gee you're right on time". As I walk in I strap on my tool-belt. "It's the T.V. in the Living room that's cuckoo". "Cuckoo?" I laughed. "Yes it turns itself off somehow." As I made my way to the T.V. Mrs. Davis sat in the chair and asked, "You don't mind if I watch you?". "No, not at all" I replied. I quickly fixed the T.V. by resetting the programming. I noticed in the mirror next to the T.V. that Mrs. D was checking out my ass, so I leaned forward like I was adjusting something in the back to raise my ass higher, to give this customer something extra. As I turned around her eyes were fixated on the center of my jeans. "Are you looking at my tools?" I asked, as I walked towards her. "Oops, what? Yes, yes, your tools." I got right up to her and stood next to her and she gave me a weak smile and said "I guess I'm busted?" Without a word I undid my zipper, pulled out my cock and just placed it before her. Still sitting in the chair, she looked up and asked "May I play with it?" Without my answer, she reached forward and started to stroke with one hand and suck my cock, as my tools rocked back and forth. At this time her legs where parted and she gave me a peek up her sundress. I stood her up, hugged her and gave her a long deep kiss. "Wow, am I dreaming?" she asked. "Nope" I replied. "Well great, keep on going". We kissed more and I lifted her dress to let my hands roam around her body. She had a nice tight ass that I could grab all day. "You sure know how to kiss, Mrs. D" I said. "Can we now go to my fucking bedroom?"
I laughed and said "fucking bedroom?". "Yes, that's where you are going to fuck me..."