The buffet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wtf

They wipe the sweat of their foreheads as they enter the air-conditioned hotel lobby. The five men walk straight to the elevators. The one in front of them with the most expensive suit plays with the heavy golden room key in his pocket.
As they enter the room they see a big table covered in a dark blue satin cloth and some undefinable shape moving beneath it. A polite, almost invisible waiter pulls away the cloth. What it reveals almost takes their breath away. They knew what to expect but not how marvelous it would be.
The big oval table is decorated with red currants, blue berries, peaches, raspberries, pears and cherries. In the middle of all this fruit a girl with delicate, shiny skin, round, juicy legs, a little belly and breasts like little pears and her long hair spread around hear head masturbates with her eyes closed. She rubs her clitoris, and sticks her finger into her mouth to make it wetter to caress her big, aroused labia. The girl is me...

Between my inner labia there is a cherry, that is halfway in my vagina. All five men are hypnotized by this cherry. As I move closer towards my orgasm their leader comes closer, puts one hand on my inner thigh and with the other slowly pulls out the cherry. Now I open my eyes. I see how his view rests on my face and then on the cherry that he first cautiously licks with the tip of his tounge, then he takes it into his mouth to taste all my sweet pussy juice. Then he crunches it with his lion teeth and sticks his middle finger in my pussy so that I come, my vagina becoming tight around him.