The beauty of pregnancy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WallE16

I am an ob/gyn. I see women in all their most beautiful forms - young, old, tall, short, thin, round - always vulnerable as they lay themselves out before me. When I became a doctor, I was surprised to find myself attracted to pregnant women. They seem so strong, so substantial, and impossibly sexy. From the curve of their backs as their bellies grow, to the roundness of their hips and breasts, to the softness of their generous rumps and thighs... everything about a pregnant woman oozes sex for me.

Sometimes I dream of meeting one of my pregnant patients away from the hospital, perhaps in passing at a coffee shop. In my fantasy, she is curious about being with another woman, about being with the doctor who knows her body so intimately, and for one afternoon she indulges me, allowing me to explore her beauty and allowing herself to explore her sexuality.