What happens at the bachelorette party...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

You know what happens at stag parties, the boys go mechanical bull riding, there's a stripper jumping out of a cake, maybe a lap dance. But this is a Hen's party, for the bride and her maids. The girls secretly rented a fucking machine with several interesting attachments for the bride to try. She's a bit shy at first, but after a few drinks, she gets naked and starts using this strange apparatus. The bridesmaids cheer her along, daring her to go all the way with it. So, soon they help her mounting this machine, one of the girls lubes her body cavities up, and another one helps her getting these two humongous rubber dildos in her pussy and butt. Then, she starts the machine up, slowly at first, but soon revving it up, until the moment that she is pounded at high speed in both her pussy and ass. Then, cheered by her bridesmaids, she has an screaming orgasm, with the two rubber cocks drilling her. With a loud "plop!", the dildos are removed out of her stretched-up lower body cavities. She's gasping for air after all this, and her friends help her on her feet, still shaky after that orgasm.

Her husband-to-be has a mighty task to beat all this during their honeymoon!