The Artist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nick

I rented an old, small studio space in the heart of the city, from where I worked as an artist on a part time basis. After a couple of months of working from there, I met my new neighbor who had just moved into the one roomed apartment next to mine.
She was a tall, beautiful free spirited girl, a couple of years younger than me, with the most amazing smile I had ever seen, and a personality which infatuated me.
Over the next couple of weeks, we kept bumping into each other in the narrow corridor of the building as I came and went, one day, as I heard her coming home, I muscled up the courage and invited her in for some coffee.
She was the most easiest person to talk to, and my nervousness was soon gone as we got lost in conversation. We had a lot in common. Art, religion, poetry, romance. She liked to talk about anything, and nothing was taboo.
Nearly every afternoon I was there, she would knock on my door, and we would spend the next couple of hours lost in conversation, I was growing more and more captivated by this girl.
One very warm, sunny afternoon, after we had spoken at length, the conversation died down, and there was a comfortable silence between us. I was starring at her, admiring her beauty. I could not keep my eyes of her, and I stood up, walked over to her, and slowly started to unbutton her loose fitting blouse to reveal her perfectly shaped breasts.
She stood up and pressed her body against mine as she kissed me, my pulsating cock growing in an instant.
The built up passion was intense, and, in a flash, we had ripped the clothes of each other. I laid her down on the couch, and as I lifted her one leg, I entered her hot, wet body with my hard cock.
She groaned, grinding her body against me, and we we moved in pulses until I felt her body quiver. She held me tighter, and I could feel the waves of pleasure come over me as we came together, gasping for breath.
Drenched in sweat, we laid together until the night came....