The Art Model

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JandE

I am a nude model for drawing and painting classes. I have been doing this for many years, and I have become quite exceptional at staying very still so the artists can draw me. No one is allowed to touch the model at any time, so I feel safe in my work. Although my poses are not considered erotic, it feels very sensual to me to de-robe on a platform in the center of the studio while the artists study every inch of my body as I gracefully move through gestures. It makes me feel like my body is a beautiful exhibition and a group of admirers surround the platform and worship me by making artistic renditions of what they see. Sometimes the studio is chilly and waves of goosebumps appear on my flesh and my nipples turn hard. Other times the spotlight is warm and a trickle of sweat slowly rolls down my cleavage. Staying still for long periods allows me to notice all the subtle, pleasurable sensations in my body, and it also gives me time for my imagination to unfurl…

In one of my fantasies, a few artists request more unconventional poses for a change: poses that will allow them to draw details of body parts that are usually hidden. I happily oblige, leaning back on a pile of comfortable pillows and spreading my bare legs, allowing my knees to fall open and my labia to spread. My vagina is wet and glistens in the spotlight. The artists eagerly draw what they see as I breathe calmly and observe them watching me, feeling more aroused and flushed by the minute. For the next pose I roll over and drape my hips over a cushion so that my bottom is propped up and my legs are apart. It’s a relaxing pose but it’s hard for me to stay completely still since I’m so aroused at the point. While the artists draw me, my hips begin to very slowly gyrate on the cushion and I feel my clit swell. I slowly move my hand down and insert my fingers into my wet pussy, enjoying a long, intensely drawn-out orgasm for everyone to see. After my pussy stops quivering, I get out of the pose and turn to face the classroom. I see that the artists have abandoned their drawings and have turned the studio session into a delightfully passionate orgy.