The Animal in the Jungle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Singer46

Tarzan, the book not the movie, has always turned me on. One dream I had recently was I woke up on the ground in the middle of an African forest with someone hovering over me sniffing me, touching me/studying me with his fingers, and has this look of curiosity in his eyes. He grunts and the sound just makes me warm down below. I quickly prop myself up on my elbows and study him intently. He's chiseled, is covered in dirt and mud, has long hair, lean but nice muscles, completely naked (no loin cloth), and his eyes are a piercing green. While I am afraid I also am so turned on at the same time. He then traces his nose along my cheekbone down my jaw and up to my nose. I want to touch him but am nervous I'd scare him away. He lifts his leg to straddle me, grasps my chin softly and slowly licks my neck to taste me. I start to feel his hands explore me and stops at my boobs. I can't help it anymore and I go in to kiss him. He's surprised at first but soon he's showing his hunger for me. He goes in for a kiss and it's the most passionate and hungry kiss I've ever experienced. We're tangled in each other and he tears my dress off swiftly. We're animals in this jungle and we cannot be tamed. We are grunting and groaning naturalistically, and then he flips me over on my hands and knees, and puts his fingers into my sex moving softly and then quickly while his thumb rubs my clit. His other hand is gripped on my hip and I can't help but contort to his moves. He then replaces his fingers with his mouth and the pleasure grows. I'm close to writhing in my spot and am begging him to put it in. I then turn around on my back with my legs apart. He's not sure what I'm doing but I guide him towards me, take his hard cock in my hand, and place it near the opening of my sex. He understands the request and fulfills it. He and I are in rhythm rocking against him, and getting dirty in the process. He lifts me up, I wrap my legs around his waist as we are still on the ground, and he thrusts into me bouncing me up and down. The sweat pours out of us and I can feel the heat between us. I throw my head backwards because it's becoming too much. As soon as he sees me almost coming, he forcefully pulls out turns me around on my hands and knees, places one hand around the back of my neck pushing my backside up in the air, and thrusts inside of me forcefully. I can feel the hunger in him and he's grunting and groaning with pleasure. I reciprocate and thrust backwards into him as well. He then takes his hand off my neck, takes my hips and leans forward kissing my back as he thrusts into me. In the end, we climax together and he rolls us both on our sides as he still is inside me, and holds me close by the waist.