That music, those eyes...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By euterpe85

I've always thought that music to me is like sex: it gives me similar sensations, I feel overwhelmed by emotions. That time I decided to go to that rock concert alone, to enjoy my favourite band. My eyes closed, my senses wide awake. Then something urged me to open my eyes and look to my right and in that moment I saw you: our eyes locked, slowly moving toward each other. Someone pushed me, I fell, your hands reached mine and pulled me up. Still those eyes, those blue eyes, so magnetic, so erotic. There was a slow song playing and so we danced together, lost into the music. Your touch was like electricity on my sensitive skin. It's like our bodies knew each other, they sang a song only we could hear. Then, slightly touching my lips with yours, you said: "I want you, here, now." And I said: "Take me."