Tester of Toys

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Morgan2002

I love to masturbate. For me it is the ultimate self-love, self-care, wellness and relaxation. So it’s not surprising that I've collected a great amount of sex toys over the years. From massagers, dildos, rabbit, g-spot and air pulse technology-vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps and even penis-rings – I have it all. Of course I have my favorites which I use on a regular basis. I know exactly how to use each toy to give me the most satisfying orgasms, and with that many possibilities it never gets boring. But for a while I have had a different fantasy that includes my collection: I want to assemble all my favorite toys on the bed and I want my boyfriend to tie me up and test all of my toys on me, one after the other. I want him to discover my whole body. Discover how he can pleasure me the absolute most in every possible way. I want to have orgasm after orgasm. I want my whole body to shake. I want my feet to go numb. I want to raise my hip in the air because everything inside me is just pulsing from all the pleasure and I can’t take it anymore (in a good way). I want to cum with my boyfriend‘s dick in my mouth while he is fucking me with my favorite glass dildo. I want him to get to know me in a way I only know myself while masturbating. I want him to fully understand my pleasure. I want to take this relationship to the next level and I don’t want him to untie me until he has made me cum with every single toy.