A Tender Officer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NicoLeChristiansson

Morning light. The headquarters are silent. I am the first at my desk, tidy and organised. The debris of last night´s party is still there: glasses, spilled bottles, discarded ladies´hats and the odd handkerchief. I need to hurry and clean everything before the officers recover from their hangovers.

Footsteps, I turn around. There stands a male in officer's uniform. The long coat, the cap, every detail in place. A strange man, tall, graceful, androgynous. Compared to the others here he is like a fallen angel among the beasts.

With slender fingers, he takes a hold of my chin. "Fräulein, will you be so sweet to close the door?" That said and done, he hangs his coat, takes off the cap. In his eyes, the seduction and forbidden fruit. I sit on my desk and invite him in.

Kisses, touches, all so elegant. There is no space for fake, pretentious smiles. His touch burns like hellfire and brings the raw instincts of female me to surface. But this time I, as Eve, choose the Snake over Adam. The masculine uniform, a man's cock and smell, otherwise completely above gender or convention. He is gentle and graceful, violent and savage.

The act is a ride to the lost paradise and back. Afterwards, I help him to dress back to the real world. In his uniform again, perfectly composed, he thanks me most politely.

I invited in a stranger in uniform. He was an angel in disguise. Fallen one, but still an angel. I chose him over the beasts and emerged victorious.

(For all lovers of the beautiful people, sex and uniforms)