My Tender First Encounter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alisonf22

The first time I had a sexual encounter I was on a study date with my first boyfriend at the library, and on that day he decided to get frisky. We were in a private study room with large windows that peered into the main library. He kept sliding his hand up my leg, asking if I was nervous, to which I would honestly reply "yes." However, he slipped his hands inside my shorts, and I gasped as he unknowingly rubbed my clit while searching for my entrance. I nervously told him to remove his hand, as I was embarrassed for being wet. He was confused at first, since he had been around my clit and not further down. He slipped his hand lower and with a surprised look he said "Wow, you really are wet." He then fingered me and pulled me into a kiss, it was painful and pleasurable all at once. We pulled away for a second when we noticed someone walking past the windows. Once they'd gone, I playfully got onto my knees and licked the outside of his pants. He made me sit back in my chair, embarrassed, but I challenged him when he said he would do the same. Then, as I sat in my chair, he got to his knees and spread my legs, moving my shorts aside. He ate me out for a while until I decided to touch him myself. Soon I had to leave, but before I did, he grabbed me and furiously fingered me as he held me by the throat, choking me. I still can't believe to this day that he pleasured me first long before I would return the favor.