Teen in silver fox skin

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LateBloomer

I am 44 years old, married for 20 years now. Since we know each other, there has been this imbalance in sexual desire, I always had less then my husband. External stimulation like watching porn was a big no-no for me. I would never accept that it does arouse me. I live in a conservative country where TV channels and movies are censored and you do not see explicit content unless you intentionally search for it.
With a cycle of less sex - marital problems – even lesser sex, our sexual life was almost non-existent for the last 10 years. Then last year I read a book, wonderfully written and full with explicit content. After so many years, I felt intense desire. One day while travelling by train. I met a man, we kept in touch with chatting and after a few weeks, fell in love. I felt like a teenager all over again. I was barely eating, not able to concentrate on anything, thinking about him every single minute of the day and so incredibly happy. My libido literally exploded. I never knew I can orgasm that often in a single day. On my own though, mostly. Meeting him is logistically extremely difficult, but we explore whatever options we have with today’s technology while being at different places. Thank you for coming in my life, B.