Tease me! At the disco exit

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kuskuskus

Who was this guy? Tall, very good-looking and with a convincing smile. He wore a vintage seventies suit and looked hot in it. So hot that I started to move in his direction.
'Must fuck this one' I thought as I danced my way through the crowd. Closer and closer through a bunch of sweaty people. Everyone was dancing to the catchy disco beat. Finally I reached target.
I smiled and danced close enough for him to notice me. 'You look great' he said and touched my arm. I moaned something back, unable to speak. He winked and started for the exit. I followed.
What happened next was something out of an x-rated movie: me kneeling in a back alley and sucking cock until he pulled me back to my feet. I felt a little dizzy, a combination of alcohol, cold air and excitement. He kissed me like they do in the movies, very slowly and without tongue, teasing me until I was ready to explode. He then thrusted his cock in my pussy and his tongue in my mouth.
I almost screamed with pleasure but we had to be quiet, people were passing in the street. I let him fuck and kiss me, and when we heard the song "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" in the distance we both had to laugh...