Teachers Are Off-Limits

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Izzy

I'm a 19 year old lesbian student, and I've started noticing that I'm more often attracted to women who are older than I, than to women my own age. Now I'm in this Gender & Sexuality class, and I've developed a huge crush on my professor (who I'm pretty sure is a lesbian too), who is around 30 years old and almost a foot shorter than I. I know even hitting on her is off limits but I keep on fantasizing about seducing her. I’ve been flirting with her a little though, and she seems to lose what she was talking about when we make eye contact during her lectures sometimes. It's difficult to focus during her classes because I get distracted by my fantasies so much. My biggest fantasy is, after me catching her secretly masturbating in her office while thinking about me, having her take me home. Then in her bed, me getting to top her and make love to her with a strap-on. I just imagine a lot of role-switching and passion. It would be absolutely amazing if you could make this into a movie, not just because this can never happen to me in real life, but also because your movies are simply beautiful and thrilling.