Fat mature (let me love you)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rodneylong6

Always loved a particular teacher in school, loved looking at her breasts, also her beautiful luscious lips, loved her ass when she walked - she is a fat mature.
I always fantasized that me and her are in a beautiful sexual relationship, that she has a hole in her pants for me to lick her pussy daily in her room at school.
Also that me and her would come back to her house many times a week after school and she would undress in front of me and I would fuck her hard on the dining table with her legs spread in the air
What excited me the most was that after fucking her I would cum a lot in a small bowl and then she would dip strawberries in my cum and eat them in front of me while I felt her beautiful pussy and kissed her feet.
I wanted to bite the side skin of her pussy and stretch it
I wanted to come on her anal opening
I wanted her to drink my cum from a glass
Man I really wanted to fuck this beautiful woman - she is my fantasy for life