My Taxi Driver, My Lover

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sharone Ayag

I looked at the clock in my office. 11pm. All my colleagues already left and I was sitting at my office desk listening to romantic music and missing my husband. He was out of town for a couple of weeks and that made me feel very lonely. Never in my 15 years of married life, I stayed away from him for more than a couple of days. I was craving for his love, his touch, his kiss. It thought it is better to go home and may be just please myself. I looked outside. It was raining heavily. I called a cab.

On my way back, I opened my cab's window to feel the rain on my skin. Suddenly I noticed my cab driver's face through the mirror. Our eyes met and he gave a smile. That's when I first noticed how he looks. He was a really handsome fit guy, may be in his early twenties. I don't know what made me do this, but I leaned forward and kissed on his neck and cheeks. He was surprised by my move but he remained composed. After 5 minutes he turned the cab to a secluded road and stopped. He got out of the cab and unbuttoned his shirt while looking deep inside my eyes. His chiseled muscular body shined in the rain and street light. He opened my door and offered his hand like a gentleman, asking me to join him. We made intense love all night on the car's bonnet, road, under street light. Couple of cars passed by and it added to the excitement. In the morning he dressed me up, dropped his card in my panties and dropped me home safely.