tangled up touching ourselves

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Britbrat23

It has always been a fantasy of mine to masturbate together and come side by side.

I was very nervous to share this fantasy with my boyfriend at first because it could be awkward. I told him that I wanted to see how he pleases himself so that I can learn how to please him perfectly. He told me that he loves watching me play with myself during foreplay and sex ...

So one day when we were watching a sexy scene on tv, I moved my hand from his chest down to his very large package. We were both lying down, my head on his chest, his arm around me. My legs were split by his, with my arm in between my legs and my free arm on his member. He kissed me hard. We worked together to get his pants undone and he grabbed himself. He pushed his thigh in between my legs. I laughed and told him to do it again. He did. I slipped my hand down my leggings and felt the heat and wetness. With my free hand I grabbed him and started stroking him slowly. I know he likes it fast. So he grabbed my hand over his cock and moved my hand faster. I said "you do it." So he did. He kissed me again passionately while we were tangled up touching ourselves. Kissing each other's necks and pressing our bodies together tightly, we were masturbating together.

He could feel the intense heat on his thigh and said "are you ready to come?" "Yes," I said. "Come with me," he told me with his mouth parted on mine. I wanted to taste him so I put my mouth on his member and let him continue stroking. He came quickly in my mouth. I could feel the heat of his seed fill my mouth and drip down my throat. I showed him his work that I had been craving. I swallowed as I leaned back into my original position. He grabbed my breast and started sucking on my nipple, the move that quickly turns me on. He guided my hand back in my pants and said, "your turn." I kissed him. Hard. He kissed back intensely as he continued to caress my body. My fingers were moving very fast now and I was breathing rapidly. As my orgasm peaked, I shook as he kissed my neck.