Take Me on the Office Couch

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nerdy girl

I'm happily married but I've had a huge crush on my co-worker for the last a couple of years. He is incredibly sexy, sweet and best of all he likes hanging out with me. I've caught myself looking at him in all the ways I shouldn't, noticing that when his shirt pulls up he has a line of hair on his abs that leads down to his trousers, I couldn't help but imagining where it goes and how beautiful he must look naked. His arms are so sexy and toned and his stare can bring down mountains.
We have been getting coffee together in the afternoons, and whenever we sneak out of the office for a quick coffee I feel like we're sneaking off on a little adventure. He tells me all the office gossip and we dish about our co-workers and I just feel so close to him. I think both of us know we're flirting and that it's wrong but we just can't help it. Sometimes I wish he were less of a good-guy.
In my fantasy we're both at the office late, after everyone else has gone home, I go to his desk to chat about work, our eyes meet and suddenly he leans over and kisses me. I pull away at first, but when he says my name I realize I cannot resist him and I kiss him back. We go into one of the more secluded meeting rooms and he lays me down on the couch, and licks and fingers me until I moan with pleasure. He takes his clothes off and lets me admire his adonis figure for a moment, before he leans in, kissing me passionately and fucking my brains out!
The next morning, we go to work as if nothing had happened, exchanging knowing stares, and can't wait for an excuse to grab coffee together.