Take me to Nirvana

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jay M.

In my fantasy, I imagine myself meeting someone on a trip (I love traveling around) and we instantly get along with each other. Our conversation get very intimate and I say to her that I love giving massages and she says she enjoys it a lot too. After talking on a beach for a while, smiling and enjoying the moment with her there, we both notice a sexual desire building up. As I get close to her while we're sitting on the sand, she keeps looking at my mouth while she bites her lower lip as if she was asking me to go on... and I obey, and kiss her passionately.

I take her to my hotel room, and I slowly lie her down on the bed. Take her clothes off, piece by piece in that inviting and sexy half-lit room. I brought with me some oil for massages, and I start massaging her entire body with it. She enjoys herself, feeling the ecstasy coming. I take my clothes off too, and being both naked we now can bond completely. Totally surrendered to our instincts we are allowed to do whatever we want. She bites me, I grab and pull her hair backwards, we fuck like two animals in that room... there's only lust and desire and nothing else. Finally, I cum inside her while she is riding on top of me. We both are exhausted, wet, breathless and smiling at each other's faces. We kiss gently... she lies down on my chest, I turn down the few remaining lights and even though I might never meet her again the remembrance of this will definitely stick to my mind... forever.