Swinging Divine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By FBI05

Away from home on business, I met him for a drink in my hotel bar. I caught my breath when he walked in. Wide smile, beautiful eyes and a beautiful black body. I was fairly nervous as he was a good 15 years younger than me, but after a few drinks I invited him to my room.

Once there I couldn't wait to unveil my prize - young sculpted and dark - delicious! It was my first time with a black man and I loved seeing his hands fondling my milky white breasts. His cock was divine and I couldn't wait to indulge. He knew exactly how to place my body for both my enjoyment and his.

He stayed the night and we fucked between sleeping. When he woke before he left for work he slid my sleepy body under him and entered me so sensually that I came within the first few strokes.

We enjoyed several more evenings together whenever I was in town. The most erotic part of it all was that my husband found him for me.