Swingin' Dicks

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Flaneur

I remember the first time I touched another boy's cock. During practice I was guarding him closely and as he crossed over I reached, my hand missing the ball and finding itself filled for a moment with his swinging dick. He rushed past me to the hoop, seeming not to notice or care. To this day I can feel the weight of that thick cock hitting my palm through his shorts.

Years later I was out with a girlfriend, pissed because an older guy down the bar kept staring at her, damn near drooling. It didn't come to her attention, but I was irked at the disrespect. Excusing herself, she left for the ladies' and immediately the dude approached me. I steeled myself, ready for confrontation. Instead he smiled, reached out his hand. "You're beautiful." Stunned, I accepted his hand and found it meaty and strong, making my own seem delicate and feminine. His thick fingers brought me right back to that gym, and my face flushed. I stuttered a thank you and turned away, rushing my girlfriend out when she returned.

I was straight, I always had been, but I couldn't shake thoughts of hot, heavy cocks, and the strong men behind them. Increasingly I found when watching porn I imagined myself as the woman, my throat stuffed, my face slapped with a stiff, solid dick. I couldn't lie to myself, I liked fucking girls, but I wanted to be fucked too.

There were five of us, sitting around smoking while a couple of guys played video games. I gazed around the room at my friends, all laid back and dreamy, sunk into their seats. Through the haze I stole glances at the bulges in their jeans and imagined myself down on all fours, crawling across the carpet from one to the next, opening their belts, unzipping their flies, and taking out their cocks. I shook it off and headed to the bathroom to sober up. I splashed some water on my face and looked into the mirror, only to see one of the guys behind me. He shut the door, grabbed my hips, and reached around, squeezing my thickening cock, his tongue in my ear. I turned around and dropped to my knees.