Swing Me Right Round, Baby

A Sexual Fantasy

— By L.A. Mack

Some time ago I saw a couple of your movies whithout knowing that you were the director. Then I had the chance to meet María Riot and I became more familiar with your work.
I practice yoga twice a week and I usually share the class with many attractive and young women. Most of the times I manage to concentrate on the postures and the meditation, but sometimes our bodies get too close and that triggers a lot of fantasies in my head.
I know that many people consider regular yoga a sexy thing. But now imagine Iyengar yoga, that uses ropes and swings hanging from a wall to perform some postures. That takes the word sexy to a whole new level.
So here it is.
I'm doing yoga with Eileen. I put my left shoulder against the wall and I grab the rope with my left hand. Before I can raise my right arm to grab the rope above my head, Eileen grabs another rope that hangs in front of me. She's too close. Close enough for me to notice the small drops of sweat on her shoulders. I want to disperse those drops with my breath and my eyes keep going down through her whole body. She let's herself fall to stretch her oblique muscles, but she loses her balance and hits her body against mine when I was starting to have an erection. She feels it. She seems gladly surprised.
I kiss her. We take our clothes off. She forces me to sit on a swing that we use to hang ourselves head down. She grabs my cock and plays with its frenulum while she touches herself. Then she sits on top of me while I’m still on the swing. She’s starts riding me while I try to keep both of us on balance. She trembles more and more as her fluids drip down my legs.
She gets off me in a clumsy way, but I need more. So I put myself between the wall and the swing while she hangs from her waist. I thrust her from behind super-excited, but she says “I want to please you”. So she steps on the wall and goes back and forth while I grab her arms.
That’s too much for me. I let go and I fill her completely. She gets off the swing and we hold each other, all sweaty and with our hearts racing.