Sweet Retchings

A Sexual Fantasy

— By VeronikaRuss

Last time I saw him, was also the first. Never thought I would see him again, so, before I left his bar, I turned around, pulled him from his suspenders and introduced my whole tongue inside his mouth… What a hot moment there.
I threw away the paper he had written his number on. He turned me on like crazy, but we lived in different cities and it would be hard to meet again, so I just let it go – but faith had a little surprise for us…
Three months later I saw him again. Turns out we had friends in common.
We also had in common that we hadn’t stopped thinking about that kiss since it happened. So this time we didn’t miss the chance.
We went to his place, ripped our clothes off and started having the wildest sex I ever had. He was so hard and deep inside me, that it hurt. But I loved that pain. I had dreamed about that pain. He penetrated every hole of my body without asking. I was surrendered to him.
It was my turn now. I wanted him to remember me. Again, I didn’t know when we would meet again, so I grabbed his cock and pulled it deep inside my mouth. So big, so hot and delicious. I licked and sucked on it so profound, till I felt retchings. Sweet, delicious retchings… I felt even hornier every time I felt one.
Since then, like a masochist, I remember with delight the pain and the nausea I felt having sex with him…
He texted me yesterday:
« :* »
« I want to feel retchings again. »