Sweet & Sticky Resin

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wood

I’ve always found carving wood to be exciting. I love the feel of the wood blocks, firm and warm under my hands, and the smell that wafts up off the wood, divine sweetness, as I work along and with her body. She communicates with me through the thin dark lines, telling me where to hold, where to cut. To turn her over, to stroke the shavings away and find new spots to chisel.

Each piece that I touch and work with is different. Different features and moods. Today she is playful, there are a few knots in some places that ask to be removed, gently and with care.

She asks me to hold these small knots in my hands, to warm them with my touch, then to put them in my mouth and taste their sweet resin. As I do this, I feel that she wants more, where I have gently pushed out the knots is more resin, dripping on my hands. I put away my chisel and choose to explore the cuts with gentle caresses, stroking with the soft touch of my fingertips. I slowly push a finger into the holes left by my blade where the resin now is sticky and hot to the touch. I lift her up to my face and take in her scent, holding her closely to me, my nose buried deep in her textured surfaces.

My tongue traces across her lines, begging her for more. She guides my tongue and I soon know what she wants. I am scared to lose her in this state, but it would be foolish not to follow her orders. I place her down gently on my worktop and pick up my tools. Chiseling off pieces where she asks me to. I work my way around her firm body to smoothen her curves. I can feel my cunt dripping with a resin of his own.

She asks me to stop as soon as I can hold her now comfortably in one hand. The holes from her knots are gone and inside of her lay a mighty goddess ready to be released. She is tall and powerful, with curves that remind me of the most beautiful of nature's work.

My cunt begs to meet her, and I gently push her inside in time to meet his pulsing walls.