A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zuzanna

Dear Erika

I'm sending you my confession, please forgive me if some parts of it will be not understending, my english is still not veery good.

Hope you'll enjoy it. With love, Zuzanna.

I especially remember one of my erotic dreams... it was so real, and it also made me so excited and gave me pleasure in the morning.

One evening I decided to go to the club to meet a nice guy, and have a little fun. I sat at a bar, had a drink and started to look around. Surprisingly my eyes stopped on a beautiful lady, and at that same moment I felt I wanted her so much... it was like thunderbolt... we started kissing wildly, and a few minutes later we were in my apartment. We got rid of our clothes.... and in that moment, I find out that she's transsexual. I was so surprised and excited! We had a night of passionate, hot, wonderful sex. I've never before felt such burning lust, excitement... and love.