Supper's ready, cheri!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Emmy The Great

My body and my thoughts are somewhat entangled in the idea of being eaten before, whilst and after sex. I've tasted papaya juice and melted chocolate with a partner before, but I wouldn't mind the game being a whole lot messier, more passionate and uncontrolled. I'm a foodie myself and good food satisfies me like few other things do, and if I imagine licking creams, mashed berries or honey from the body of a sexy man and then being sucked and eaten up myself,... our bodies would be covered with different flavours, some put on there by the other person whilst playing, some before supper, as a surprise. I imagine us reeking of sweat, food and sex, teasing each other, painting each other with food, the bed more and more messed up. As to the climax - I shall be surprised ;)

I imagine this a very hot first time for two self-confident people, possibly located in a bedroom in his parents' house in France where I'm on holiday while they are away for the evening! Love, Emmy