Sunday Mass

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beatrice

I have a constant fantasy about my priest. He's young and brunette, steely eyes and a strong body. I go to his house beside his church and find him sitting in an armchair. I sneak in and watch him from the hallway, touching myself. He catches me, closes his book and watches me through a glass cabinet reflection, no words needed. I strip for him in the reflection. Completely naked and him in black jeans and a fitted business shirt with his priests collar, he watches me walk over to him and makes fun of how naughty I'm being for seducing a priest. I straddle his lap and he kisses my body all over. Slowly he starts to undress and whispers his thoughts about me onto my skin and slowly fucks me while talking dirty and sweetly to me, telling me how he watches me in church and thinks of all the ways he wants to fuck me. He cums inside me and I leave early in the morning for Sunday mass, dripping with his cum.