Sunday Fuckday

A Sexual Fantasy

— By S & H

My boyfriend and I recently moved to a new city and from our new bedroom we can see directly into our neighbours' homes. There's always an old man sitting by his window reading, and there's a lady on the floor above who likes to dance naked.

This Sunday morning I woke up from a sex dream, in which I was having my nipples sucked by my boyfriend in my office, as I was straddling him on a couch. I woke up super horny and woke my boyfriend up in order to reenact my dream. He dutifully obliged and we went from nipple play to cunnilingus to fucking at a delicious Sunday morning pace. My favourite position was me lying on my belly on the bed and him lying on top of me, thrusting hard. In the end, my boyfriend had me standing on the floor, leaning over the bed while he fucked me from behind. We have a four poster bed with a very high mattress for optimal comfort in these kinds of situations. The floor is pretty slippery and as my boyfriend started fucking me more vigorously, the bed started moving with every thrust! In the end, the bed had moved from one side of the room to the other! We have reading lights attached to two of the bedposts and as the bed moved, the light switches were as stimulated as I was, flickering on and off like in a poltergeist movie!

Later, we were imagining how the neighbours may have glanced up occasionally from their reading and other business, to see our bed changing position in our bedroom and the lights flickering in a weird way. We also imagined the neighbours in the apartments below and next to us noticing the noise, as the bed thumped the wall and I moaned quite loudly. After breakfast, when we re-entered our bedroom, it looked like the aftermath of Roskilde Festival, except less clean! Great way to start a Sunday...