Summer Solstice

A Sexual Fantasy

— By vpwp

I live in a small village up in the mountains.

I invite a group of girlfriends to celebrate the summer solstice. before going out and joining the village celebrations we have supper in my house. We havent been together for a while, and decide to exchange some presents. Each one buys a small gift, wraps it and puts it inside a basket. I propose a game and suggest that:

- nobody knows what everybody else has got as a present;

- I am goìng to swap some of the presents for something else;

- and that evening, when we go out, we must all be using/wearing our present;

The aim of the game is to guess what each one has got as a present.

They all agree and we get ready to have some fun. We finish our meal, have some champagne, and proceed to get the presents. I have previously taken away two of the presents and replaced them with one containing a small vibrating egg operated by remote control, and another one containing the remote control. We all go to our rooms to take a quick shower, put on our present, and get ready to hit town. The night is young and we are out to have fun......