The Summer Equickment Shop

A Sexual Fantasy

— By khanabic

I imagine a young woman, who is about to travel to spain to spend her holidays. Right before her departure she has made her way to the mall to buy equipment for the journey. She went inside an outdoor store to find some beachwear, a sleeping bag and hiking gear.
As she looked for the changing room she noticed the shopkeeper starring. Wondering why he might be watching her she hesitated before she went inside the cabin and started to undress. She smiled as she regarded her nude body in the mirror and was very pleased by herself. Her legs were long, her hips broad and her breasts full and fleshy. Suddenly, a knock on the door disturbed her inner peace. A deep voice entrusted her to open and like in trance she did what she was told. The shopkeeper quickly entered and before she could say a word he silenced her with a passionate kiss. His hands went down her body and found their way between her open legs. She gasped for breath as his fingers reached her private parts and started to tickle them softly. He turned her around and rubbed his hard member against her swollen lips. Feeling his thick glans sliding between her moist crevice she was longing to host him inside her. 'Take me!', she whispered and spreaded her cheeks. With one hand he grabed her hair and with the other one he bend her down and placed his massive cock right in front of her entrance. She moved her butt to help him in and with one strong stroke he filled up her tight hole. She screamed and started to moan as he begun to move inside her. His hits were deep and hard and the pain and the pleasure brought her close to faint. Right before she climaxed he started to shake and pumped his hot sperm in big loads inside her glory hole. Afterwards he stood up, gave her an impish glance and left. She got her things together and opened the door of the cabin. Everybody in the room stared at her and there was no question why. The shop keeper smiled as she paid for the things she wanted with his cum inside her plum.