A Sexual Fantasy

— By Charles

I have to admit that this fantasy is influenced my an early reading of the story of O. Which has lead to many fun sexual adventures. Some with me being the master and others with me being the sub.

However this is my submission fantasy. Set in an old victorian house. I as a sub I wear a black leather collar and black leather athletic supporter, which leaves better access to my ass. Should any of my masters prefer to play with it.

The parties are the best part. Guest of all shapes and sizes come and us subs are the main attraction. At the last party I started off as an appetizer table. My body was festooned with fruits and cheeses that the guests would eat off of me. I especially liked the raspberries being sucked off of my nipples. As a joke my feet were covered in a soft cheese that was lightly bitten off. This was interesting. As was the carrot slivers stacked around my penis and the dip in my belly button.

After a quick clean up I was then taken to the main room and placed on my knees handcuffed and blindfolded. The first thing I noticed was two separate hands pinching my nipples and kissing my ears and neck. I could then sense the heat from an excited pussy coming toward my face. I eagerly extended my tongue to taste it. I love to be face fucked my a wet vagina. Holding the back of my head she ground her clit against my face as her juices flowed down my chin. I was surrounded now and could feel hands and fingers roaming all over my body. My cock was released from its bounds and it was so hard it almost hurt. Multiple hands were stroking it and playing with my balls. A few hands were roaming around my ass I could feel the cold of the lube being spread around and soon a finger was inserted and then more. This was just to prepare me for the strap on that was now slid into my ass as I was bent over. As I was getting pegged furiously, I found another pussy placed before me which I lapped at like it was the only thing keeping me alive. Eventually I was rolled over and my hands were secured over my head. I was then mounted with one pussy on my cock and one on my face. The woman on my face was twisting my nipples hard and it was sending shock waves down to the head of my cock. Which made me cum. My masters were not pleased by this but they had a remedy. They switched positions. As I sucked my cum from that slippery vagina and with a little encouragement I was back hard again. This was repeated a few more times with different masters until I was spent.

After my masters always looked after me. Fed me and gave me nice things to drink. After all it is important to look after your play things.