Stripper permission

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Luckyme

My wife and I love to masturbate together and tell each other erotic stories. This often involves threesomes, straight romantic sex, lesbians and massages. We also watch a lot of porn together. Recently during one of these sessions my wife told me how much she gets turned on when I go to strip clubs. She asked me to explain to her in detail what goes on there and this seemed to turn her on even more. I explained to her that I don't go for dances that involves me touching strippers.
This is where she really got turned on in that she encouraged me to touch the strippers. She said that it turns her on if I touch their boobs, get perhaps a hand job. The condition was that I cannot fuck any strippers but then when I get home I should tell her all about my night out and fuck her while telling her what I did with the strippers. 
She did not seem to want to join me to the strip club. It turns her on when I go by myself and tell her all about it afterward. 
I recently went to a strip club with friends. The next morning my wife woke me up with a blowjob and we made the most amazing love twice that day.