Strip Reading

A Sexual Fantasy

— By narfanator

I love books, particularly old books. There's just something about the smell of old books and the sensation of historic human wisdom and knowledge - particularly in an age of such temporary, electric words; it's nice to come face to face with just how long we humans have been at all this. I love reading my favorite books aloud to lovers, and sometimes, it becomes a contest: who gets to read to whom? Sometimes that contest becomes wrestling, and, well...

My fantasy is to seduce (and be seduced) in an old, sunlit library filled with musty tomes. We'd start by flirting on the walls, reaching around and across and through each other to pick out editions, to show each other words that had particular impact on our lives. We'd pick a book (something good; classic scifi, or a Feynman lecture, an age of exploration travelogue) and settle into a cozy lover's chair, wrapped around each other, and one of us would start reading. The other would want a turn, but you can't just make it that easy; we'd start wrestling over the book (still reading aloud!). She'd get the book from me, and vice versa; then the tables would turn, and turn again; and we'd start using our clothes to tie the other person up so we could keep the book. Well, now you're naked and tied up on a pile of books, and you still want to be the one reading.... What to do? Cheat! Whoever isn't reading aloud starts going down on the other; the rule is: if you can make them skip a word, they have to give up the book! So now you're both naked and aroused one a pile of books... What to do? ;)