Stranger on the Subway

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Francesco27

Lana is on the subway. The train is crowded with people as it's rush hour. She notices a cute guy close to her, listening to some music. He notices her too. She gets closer and closer to him, pretending she's been pushed and shoved by other people. She's finally next to him and starts touching him slowly and rubbing her ass against him. She can feel him getting more and more excited. She can feel his cock getting hard below his trousers. She touches his cock, caressing it and stimulating it a bit.

The train stops at a station, Lana glances at the guy and gets off. He follows her. She brings him to a nearby ladies' restroom. They go into a cubicle where she kisses him before getting onto her knees and taking his cock out. It's very hard by now. She takes it immediately into her mouth and sucks it. Before he cums, Lana stands up and leans over, with her hands on the wall. He takes her from behind, until she cums. After that, he also cums, on her ass. Finally, they leave together, flustered and with a naughty secret...