Stranger Fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LaCuriosité

I love strangers. I love uncovering their dicks. I love the idea and the smell of it. I love fucking someone I barely know, with no small talk involved. Preferably against the wall and in a public place.
Let's take this guy I come across all the time at University. A young teacher, like me. We've been playing this game, you know, this very old game: I am staring at you, you're staring at me, we're both pretending not to see. The way he looks at me is promising... I don't want to know him: I want to fuck him.
That would involve a chance encounter by the photocopier. We both stayed working late. I'm printing some stuff for my students. He comes up behind me and starts massaging my neck without a word. I don't turn back. I know it's him. He slips his hand into my jeans (very tight jeans). As he is touching me, he strips my jeans off and rubs up against my naked ass.
I am panting, holding onto the copier. But I want more. I push him against the door, kneel and take his cock out to give him a blow job.
When he is just about to cum, someone opens the door. A colleague of mine. He apologizes, confused, but I grab him by the belt to bring him closer and try to get a taste of his dick through his thick jeans. He doesn't protest. I pull him down onto his knees and start kissing him wildly.
The other guy is now behind me, pulling my hair and caressing my breasts. He is going to fuck me while I'm getting to know the newcomer... This night is getting stranger and stranger, just the way I like it!