Stick Shift & Switching Things Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xab

I had this fantasy recently where I'm in a car late at night with a close friend ( and secret crush). My friend and I often will sit in a parking lot or outside our house listening to music, laughing and talking.

This is where my mind takes over and he makes a move.

We joke and make eye contact and he touches my thigh - giving me an intense look like I want you. But instead of letting him lead the way...

I take his hand and put it back on his lap and say listen close. I want you to please yourself and no touching me while you do it - are you down ?

He blinks not knowing if this is real or not. Then he nods and eagerly unzips his pants and starts masturbating looking down at himself.

I'm turned toward him and I lean over and grab his chin with one finger. Turning him to look at me and say - good boy now look at me while your getting off.

He moans and continues to jerk off staring into my eyes. Every so often he closes his eyes and I say tsk tsk and he stares right at me.

Things get hot and heavy - his moan has me turned on but I'm still clothed and just enjoying his pleasure.

Then he moans and cums and relaxes completely.

I give him a tissue indicating to clean up. Then I put a hand on his thigh and say cant wait for next time baby. If you feel like this without touching me imagine what more will feel like.

Then I leave the car from the passenger seat and go home while he sits in disbelief in the driver seat of what just happened