Step Mother-in-law

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mikebob

The first time we met, the wife and I met her step mother (Mrs. X) at a mall. While the wife was in the changing room, I was left alone with her. Coincidentally, the changing room happened to be in the lingerie department. I've known this lady for a matter of a half hour. She holds up a sexy piece of lingerie and says "I wish he would like these things on me. I always wanted to feel sexy for him but its always sweatpants and straight to sex." I ignored it, along with her grabbing my upper thigh later that night around a fire. I played it off as being new, and her being friendly.

Fast forward, few years later after the actual marriage. The wife works 2nd shift, I am a full time college student. Since we live in the city, and her parents are out in the country, sometimes they come and stay for a night if they have business to do in the city. It is just the wife and I, so our couch is small; no need for all that room. Mrs. X had to come to the city for the night because she had a conference in the morning. The wife had to work overtime so it ended up being just me and her, a bottle of wine, and the small couch.

I pick her up form the train station, and we come back to my house. Everything is normal, and I had not thought of the first time we met until later that night. We casually talk, like normal, and we're hanging out watching TV. After about 2 glasses of the wine, she becomes more relaxed, and a lot more touchy. I was unsure of what to do. I could not be rude and possibly misread the situation so I just let it happen. She went to the kitchen, and the way she bent over was no accident; she knew what she was doing. She had a low cut shirt, and her 36C, beautiful, tits were almost begging me to grab them. She almost jumped on me. She straddled my lap and began kissing me. Without hesitation, she began to give me head and a rim job. Her tongue on my ass was a feeling I have never had before. I came instantly in her mouth. I threw her down and we went all night. I love when she stays over now, or when we visit. It is now our little secret game.