Stacey's Mom has got it going on

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nathan

I'm Canadian and I just turned 18. I was always great in studies but lately was having trouble so my moms friend offered to help me out on weekends. She is a beautiful Indian woman with a curvaceous body. Most of my crushes have been my age but since I saw her at the beach this summer I got a thing for her. My fantasy is that one day when I go to her for math, we start talking about our liberal beliefs, the importance of Sex Ed & how the USA is doomed when it comes to female rights. Eventually she gets herself wine & starts talking about body image, I tell her how her body is gorgeous which is why I don't understand why she is single (she is divorced & her daughter is at University so she lives alone). We show each other pictures of us at nude beaches together. Then she asks me if I'm sexually active & I tell her I haven't had sex since I broke up with my girlfriend. I imply that I may be into her & she is super turned on.While we say our goodbyes we hug for 15-20 seconds & then she gives me a quick peck on the lips. We both end up masturbating to each other that night. The next weekend I go to her house for math, but it gets intimate and we get v drunk and we have sex in her kitchen, on the dining table, on the deck in the garden & in the bedroom. We have sex all night & we have morning shower sex. We become fuck buddies and having sex secretly at friends get togethers becomes the norm.