A Sexual Fantasy

— By Badger

Why are men so quiet when they cum? When I have a good orgasm there's screaming involved, I was told by one boyfriend that he dreaded fucking me too hard because he was afraid the neighbors would call the police. I live in hope that one day I'll meet a man who isn't afraid to shout, let it all out and show how vulnerable he is when he's spilling his seed. He'll groan and beg me to stop but I'll pump even harder, then he'll start squealing like a child on Christmas morning. When we have people staying and we have sex in the next room I'll have to try and muffle him, failing of course, and at breakfast there'll be funny looks and giggling from our guests. They'll ask what the hell I was doing to the poor guy and I'll show them, pulling his pajama bottoms down while he's standing next to me red faced, trying to pour tea. After a quick suck I'll lead him by the cock, protesting, over to the couch, and our friends will follow bringing their breakfast plates to sit opposite us and watch the spectacle, munching buttered toast. It won't take him long with an audience and he'll soon be crying out, spraying spunk, with my right hand stroking his cock and the other clamped around his mouth. By then everyone will be nearly naked and things will get super hot, we'll end up rolling on the floor together in a sexy, noisy fuckfest.