I Spy With My Little Eye

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zel1123

We've been diving for hours in the shittiest car imaginable. The windows are glued shut so that the windows don't vibrate uncontrollably at high speeds and the interior is stripped out leaving only the hard metal chassis. The heat is unbearable and you feel yourself sink into the seats when you push down hard on the accelerator. After a small lull in our serious and respectable game of eye spy my companion in the passenger seat decides that the game isn't sincere enough. More rules are needed. She says that for each false guess or clue, an item of clothing must be removed, she eyes me slyly and gives me the most mischievous look I've ever seen. I glance over at her and accept, besides, it's too hot in this oven of a car. "May I choose first?", I ask, "it may be more difficult for me to undress.", she acquiesces and bites her lip. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with E". Sadly, my companion fails multiple times, the situation is aggravated as her impatience and frustration grows. She removes her bracelets, hair clips, socks and shoes...Adrenaline begins to rush through me as we become more exhilarated and sweaty. "I'll remove my shirt for a clue" she declares, as my heart beats faster, "it's in the car". The shirt clings to her wetly as she removes it, from the corner of my eye I see a sheen reflect of her soft, lightly tanned, skin and a simple black bra holding her round breasts. She turns to face me in her seat, her hair is now a gorgeous mess, eyeing me thoroughly before letting her bra fall off, causing the breasts to spill out and swell, dripping. Her nipples visibly enlarged and sensitive, her cheeks red with a dangerous smile. My ears burn and I am no longer capable of concentrating. She leans over to me, her chest brushing against my arm as I move my hand to squeeze her thigh. She hold my gaze intensely. "You're gonna have to pull over", she whispers, lips to my ear, "I knew the answer five minutes ago". Her hand reaches down to undo my belt buckle...