Spread Wide: Indescribable Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

I love it when girls stand with their legs spread wider than shoulder width apart. Being young and in college I have often seen them do that while working at a desk; they straddle either side of the chair when they stand up to stretch a little. I have often fantasized of being behind one. She catches me looking at her, but instead of getting angry she grins seductively and beckons me to come to her with the "come hither" motion of her finger. She allows me to put my hands on her shoulders and we start making out. She then turns around and has me sit down in her chair. She then straddles me with her legs as wide open as before and pulls of the front of her black skirt. No panties. She chuckles before slowly grinding herself on my ever growing bulge. I grab her buttocks and slowly massage them as she rocks back on forth on me. She loosens my tie and then blindfolds me with it. She gets up, undoes my belt and takes off my pants. She licks the bulge in my boxers and then she pulls them off too. She strokes my cock for a few minutes before bringing her luscious lips around the tip of it and working her way down the shaft in a mind boggling blowjob. After five minutes of giving me amazing head, she straddles me and I feel myself go inside her. She sighs with pleasure as she goes down on my hard shaft and begins rocking her hips in a circular motion. She leans in and kisses me before increasing her pace and rocking faster and faster in a back an forth motion. She rocks on me for over ten minutes before leaning forward and saying "I want you to take me from behind." She stands up, leans forward on her desk and spreads her legs very wide. I lean over her and insert myself inside her again while holding her boobs. I start thrusting slowly and kissing her from the back of her neck to down to the flat of her back. She moans louder and louder as I thrust slowly, then faster and faster. Finally we both climax at the same time and we collapse to the floor next to each other.