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A Sexual Fantasy

— By lulu4

I went through a bad, troublesome divorce. My former husband had affairs all the time, he didn't even hide his adultary affairs anymore in the latter stages of our marriage. So, time for revenge! I started dating on tinder, and every hook up I have I share with him through our (divorce) whatsapp connection, just to annoy him!

But last night something went wrong, so when my date and I were making out the video went live, but not as I intended! I sucked the guy's cock, filming it all with my smartphone, later I straddled him with my phone on a side table, still filming... Last shot: He taking me from behind , penetrating my butthole with two fingers just before orgasm. And when I shouted in my phone "did you like THAT, asshole". I sent the video to my boss by mistake, not to my ex... Awkward!!! Will I still have a job on monday?