Sojourn at Stillwater Lake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LaGoulue

When my husband was a young boy, his family would often go on road trips during summer vacation. With four kids piled in the back seat, the family station wagon would get very hot. My husband and his siblings always wanted to stop to swim at Stillwater Lake but his dad would always just drive on past . . .

Flash forward thirty years . . . my husband and I are driving home from a visit to the city. The air conditioning in our car isn't working properly. I'm feeling hot and horny. I reach over and rub my husband's crotch while he's driving. Through the fabric of his denim shorts, I can feel his cock stiffen. I lift the skirt of my cotton sundress and slip my panties off. I begin to stroke my clit, slowly and sensually at first, gradually increasing the rhythm. My husband is doing his best to keep his eyes on the road, but he keeps glancing over to me.

I feel myself gush a little squirt of cum. My husband reaches over with one hand and I angle my body so that he can access my cunt. As he fingers me, I'm getting wetter & wetter. Suddenly he withdraws his fingers and I notice the car is slowing as he signals left. Then I see a sign saying "Stillwater Lake."

We turn and drive down a short way down the wooded lane and come to a parking lot. There are no other cars or people in sight. I spot a path throughout the trees off to my right, I grab my husband's hand. We walk down the path until we come to a level spot near the edge of the lake. There are some dried rushes which my husband pushes down. He pulls me on top of him. We kiss. He fumbles with the buttons on the front of my dress, taking a nipple in his mouth once my breasts are freed. He shimmies out of his shorts. I lift my dress and slide down on his erect hard cock. I ride him and we rock together until we both cum.

Then we peel off our clothes and go for a nice refreshing dip in the lake. Only later, as we're getting dressed do we spot a small cabin nestled in the trees across the lake. If anyone was around, they certainly got a show that day.