Soccer and Sofa Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lacey C

This is a 100% true story. My parents are hard working people, my mum is a nurse working in A&E (ER room) and my dad is a Doctor but as a somewhat rebellious teenager I would often act in ways to annoy my parents just for my own personal kick and a cry for attention.

A few months after turning 18 on Saturday June 12th 2010, England played their first game of the World Cup. My Dad had invited his friend Simon over to watch the game. With my Mum at work and my Dad and his friends attention on the football (Soccer), something I was not a fan of at the time, although my dad and I regularly attend games together now. I was bored, I needed attention. So I went and joined them on the sofa, sitting uncomfortably close to Simon. I wasn't attempting to flirt, I did find him attractive, but I never dreamt he would be interested in me. All I wanted to do was make him feel awkward just for my own selfish amusement. In between loud sighs of boredom I would brush my hand on his thigh, not too high up or for too long, just in case my dad saw. But as I wasn't getting any reaction from Simon again I got bored, so headed to my bedroom.

Around 10-15 minutes later, my dad popped his head around the door and informed me he had been called in to work as they were short handed due to a big car pile up. So I said cheerio and thought nothing else of it, until I went back to the living room to watch TV since I now had control over the remote. But to my shock Simon was still here! My dad said he could finish watching the game here. And Simon wanted a word about my thigh brushing from before. Well one thing let to another.... and there was me riding his cock on my sofa. I'd never had sex with an older man or on a sofa for that matter before. I rode him for what seemed like hours before he bent me over the back of the sofa and took control. It wasn't the last time Simon came to visit me when I was home alone.