So Sweet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Maya Moon

I met someone who has stained my mind with desire. The way that he was so sweet to me- I just want to make him feel good. When we met we talked about all the things that made me sad. He saw me for me but wasn't afraid of it. We were laying on my bed, keeping eye contact while he softly ran his fingers along my torso, my breasts, my nipples, so tenderly. So sweetly. He was so focused on me. We hadn't kissed yet. I had this fantasy that when we did, the tenderness between us would transition into very focused and attentive sex. I imagine myself sitting down on his lap, moving slowly back and forth. I want to feel all of him. I'll suck his fingers and he'll use the wetness to play with my nipples while I look into his eyes. He has such great eyes. I'll play with my clit and I imagine myself folding into him as I orgasm. He'll hold me so tight. From there, I won't be able to resist him and he'd know it. He can throw me down and drag me across the bed. I'd beg for him. He'll insert himself back inside me slowly. He won't let me have all him just yet though. He'll make me beg for more. He'll hold my chin so I'm forced to watch him fuck me. I'll say 'please' wanting more and he'll slip his thumb inside my mouth. I'll suck on it as he starts to go deeper, faster, and harder. God, I miss him so much.