Smooth Criminal

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mark

I entered the underground train and a woman snuck her hand in my pocket and got my wallet. I realised that something strange happened and after 5-10 seconds I found out that my wallet was gone. I went to that woman and asked her if she took something from me. She replied that she couldn't understand the language. I asked again and she opened her bag so I could search it. My wallet was not there. I felt that her jacket seemed suspicious with that scarf she was wearing. I asked her to unzip it. I put my hand inside her jacket and touched her side, looking for the wallet. I felt something near her breast and asked her what is it. She laughed nervously and took out the wallet. I just looked at her, took the wallet and left without saying anything.

Everything above happened today, in real life.

For some reason though, I keep thinking about that woman. Maybe it was her eyes. Maybe that nervous laugh. Maybe that I touched her. But I wish I had the time to take her to the nearest police station. Who knows, maybe we would end up in a corner having passionate sex.